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Mix Bowl

1520 Indian Hill Blvd.
Pomona, CA, 91767
(909) 447-4401

The traditional cheap food that college students at Harvey Mudd take full advantage of, especially when delivery is free (if slow) over ten dollars. Realize that the delivery could take up to two hours on a busy night, but on a not busy night is closer to 30 minute.  Thus picking-up your food or going in to get it is advantageous.  You can call and order before picking it up as well, which saves you some time (note that communication barrier is a bit of a problem).  The building is a bit strangely located in seemingly the middle of nowhere (past I-10), yet is quite colorful and pleasant inside. There's a large tank of beautiful fish, and the service and food is fast when it's not overly crowded and busy (which happens on popular weekend nights).

Mix Bowl provides an interesting variety of Asian-y foods, with the goal of being a Thai food restaurant. I like the Pad Thai myself and it seems most people are pleased with the food they order, for it's satisfactory albeit greasy at times. The Thai Ice Tea is also good, and they offer fruit-flavored beverages as well.  The hot sauce definitely is hot, and worthwhile to taste with your food if that's your style.

Rating: a definite YUM if you're in the mood.


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