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The Grind

4613 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60625

I just have to say I love little cafe-type places, before I go on to say I dislike coffee, but the Grind had plenty of non-coffee drinks (in addition to the typical coffee ones), and food items as well. The restaurant/cafe itself was very nicely-styled with art on the walls, and an open back where you could see the kitchen. It’s right in the heart of Lincoln Square and a much better choice than the Starbucks down the block as The Grind is truly a local find. The treats in their cases looked delicious, and the vanilla cupcake really was; a milkshake and hot-chocolate were both tasted and determined to be fabulous.

Price: 8
Taste: 10
Service: 10
Food Amount: 8
Average Rating: 9


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1092 North Mountain Avenue
Upland, CA 91786
909-579-0999 (phone)
909-579-0666 (fax) (order online, get a fax order form online, see a menu, find locations)

Arguably one of the best places for burritos around Claremont. At the very least, it’s popular. Some people prefer Patty’s (citing superior tortillas and hot sauces). Personally, I like both restaurants, but I prefer Chipotle slightly since I think it has better tasting food. The burritos at Chipotle are very large. Plan on eating a big meal, or just take some back home for a snack later (much healthier than consuming a whole burrito in one sitting).

Service is generally very good. You get to choose your own ingredients – pick a meat with or without rice and black/pinto beans. Then pick at least one: salsa (mild tomato, medium corn, medium tomatillo green, hot tomatillo red), cheese, and sour cream. Lettuce and cilantro are also options. Guacomole is very good too, though expensive at $1.40 (another reason to prefer Chipotle to Patty’s, if guacomole is a favorite of yours and you think it’s worth the price). Most people get burritos, but there are also tacos, quesadillas, burritos in bowls, salads, and other things. The burritos are highly recommended though.

The restaurant is clean most of the time. It is arguably fast food, though the quality is much better, the cost is higher, and the restaurant atmosphere is slightly more sophisticated than fast food.

To eat a burrito at Chipotle, do not remove the burrito completely from the aluminum foil. Simply unwrap a little at a time in order to keep the burrito in one piece.

Important things to know:

  • Students: show your student ID at the Chipotle in Upland for a free drink.
  • Sometimes it is faster to fax or order online during busy hours to avoid waiting in line. The line wait is never that long though, as normally they can make burritos fairly quickly. It’s faster than Patty’s at least.
  • Accepts Claremont Cash
  • Resides next to a Quiznos, a Shell Gas Station, an Albertsons, a UPS store, and a Blockbuster.

Price: 7
Taste: 8-9
Service: 8
Food Amount: 7-9 (depending on what’s in your burrito)
Average Rating: 9

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Brasserie Astuce

510 E Foothill Blvd
Pomona, CA 91767

A french restaurant, which was quaint and very nice and large inside, which was unexpected from the many times I’ve passed by and never thought twice. It’s quite a fancy type restaurant, with a winery on the side, with oh so many bottles of wine. Apparently they have wine tasting weekly, if anyone ever is interested. The lunch menu made it hard to decide what to get — I got the Astuce Wrap, which was delicious, but I examined everyone else’s food (which looked as good as mine tasted). They had carrot-ginger and onion (with bread and melted cheese) soups; sandwiches, salads, and meats, and everyone was very pleased with their food decisions. Quite fabulous for a night out I’d guess, and although not crowded for lunch, it is apparently sometimes busy for dinner (always a good sign).

Atmosphere: Fancy (but not the formal dress up kind)
Price: 6
Taste: 10
Service: 10
Food Amount: 10 (not overly much, but just the right amount)
Average Rating: 9

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